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Properties in Brazil on Billionhomes

What can you do on Billionhomes?

Billionhomes is a search engine and property archive for homes in Brazil.
You can search a home by entering the address, city or postcode. You can search for real estate for sale or real estate for rent .

You can also compare properties and prices by using our property archive containing properties which are currently not offered for sale or rent on the current property market. If you would like to sell or rent, then you can submit your home for free on Billionhomes or find a real estate agent to manage the property for you.

Properties in Brazil?

Billionhomes is a property website for homeowners and consumers in Brazil.

Our database contains a large selection of properties for sale, properties for rent, but also historical information from properties which have been sold and rented in the past. We have more than 543.493 properties in archive, 105.235 for sale and 18.978 for rent.

If you are the owner or real estate agent of a property then you can claim it for free. Claiming will allow you to make improvements to the property and data.